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Ready Fire Aim! Smart Home Devices Are Missing The Mark.

Posted By Rick Saletta on 05/16/2016 at 07:45AM

Following-up recent IoT activities, events and announcements, a survey published by Truste (the company that offers the really annoying product that pops-up and then asks you for site feedback before you’ve even tried the website you are visiting), states that consumer trust remains at a three year low with slightly more than half of internet users trusting companies with their personal information.

This month we’ve seen the release of dozens of smart home and other connected devices, many new and cool, but many without value proposition or purpose and with little or no consumer research conducted prior to prototyping. There appears to be a pack mentality to launch now and iterate later. With consumer privacy concerns on the rise and early-stage market research under-funded, most of these young companies will never reach volume production. Instead the larger, slower public corporations are expressing their gratitude to the entrepreneurs and investors who fail fast, developing new markets with their own capital.

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Tags: iot smart home privacy trust consumer confidence